THE HISTORY  Of  Cantina Tanagatta

cantina Tanagatta

The estate of Tanagatta is located in the area of an old convent where the friars worshipped Saint Lawrence.The estate was purchased in the ‘70s by Biagio Allegro who planted the first 2 hectares of vineyards in those years. The century-old olive grove which consisted of about 250 olive trees was destroyed by the frost of 1985 and re-planted in the following years. In 1999 Biagio and son Diego, the current owner of the estate, planted 3 more hectares of vineyards. The estate covers an area of 40 hectares including 5 hectares of vineyard and 1 hectare of olive trees, with cereals, hard wheat and field beans growing on the remaining part of the estate (field beans are used for integrating the quantity of humus existing in the soil in order to limit the use of chemicals). The estate is family-run and the Allegro family directly takes care of production.